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About Roderick Wells

Music is one of my favorite things in my life. I was walking around campus the other day and realized without the help of Gwen Stefani, most Americans would still have no idea,

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Its Just me

Sometimes trust, is built on a open platform. You just have to give it a try. You never know it could work. Here at WR Inc we try to bring community service projects and things back to the community. Our major goal is to create a strong presence on the web. So get ready to see the big WR coming your way!

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WR-Games is the hottest arcade site on the planet. Its the only arcade where you can win free prizes while playing free games. WR-Games is owned and operated by

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html-clubis the new post to host. By providing unique content and Tutorials its proves to break thetradition of hosting. html-club premieres 2013. Sponsored by WR Inc.

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Healthy Meals (Twitter)

Follow WR as we promote healthy eating in the year of 2012.

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Umbrella Inc

Umbrella Inc is a brand new company to WR. WR is very serious about todays pharmaceutics and wont to make sure the public is receiving safe and effective medicine.

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